Welcome To Our World!

The Story Behind Double A

The name ‘Double A’ symbolizes the first letters of the founders’ names, Ayah Aboutera and Aliaa Aboutera. Among the first to initiate leather manufacturing in Egypt back in 1977, Abouteras’ father is the inspiration behind Double A, passing his extensive experience onto his daughters, the Aboutera sisters aim to shine a light on the sophisticated quality of the Egyptian leather industry. As one of the few leather clothing manufacturers and designers in the Middle East, Double A strives to push barriers and break down stereotypes regarding leather and its function, creating a trend that leather is not merely confined to the winter season, but can rather be worn all year long.  



“Our mission is to design fashionable leather clothes that would make women feel confident, comfortable and therefore empowered.

-Ayah & Aliaa


What We Stand For

Double A aims to help promote women empowerment throughout the globe, through leather clothing creation. 

We, at Double A, always aim to design pieces that help women express their femininity and power through what they wear, to make them feel empowered and declare what they stand for without having to speak, to make them confident at the workplace, gatherings with friends and family, date nights and in every occasion.  


The Hands Behind Double A

There are people behind our leather garments, and we put them first. It’s our responsibility to create a safe, healthy, and fair working environment for them.

Behind each piece there were more than 5 Egyptian workers manufacturing it, doing their best to deliver an impeccable quality. Each piece at Double A is 100% Egyptian handmade  from leather cutting, studs insertion, and leather-fringes shredding.  

Hard work and dedication is what we live by. To Double A, it is more than design and production, it is a story that we are all proud of! 

And this is how we would want each woman to feel every time she wears a piece from Double A.  

Proud and Unique always!