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Double A Official - Winter Frost Collection featured by CAIRO SCENE

In your opinion, what makes Double A different from other local brands?

First, Double A is one of the few brands in Egypt that solely focuses on natural leather clothing, not only in the winter, but also in summer. Double A works to alter the misconception about leather; that it is only confined to one season, which is winter. By strictly adhering to the idea that leather is versatile, we have created and will continue to create summery leather designs that are very light weighted and summer appropriate. Every single piece at Double A is 100% natural leather, which makes it very durable, and handmade, from leather cutting, studs insertions, to leather-fringe shredding. Second, Double A works to be a zero-water brand by prioritizing the environment in the production process. This happens through constantly creating waste minimization initiatives by using leather left overs and giving them a second life through various ways, such as: creating our famous chrome bag.

Double A Official - Winter Frost Collection featured by ELLE Arabia

The Collection sheds light on simplicity but at the same time complexity, elegance and practicality. The FW 21’ collection shows a variety of versatile pieces, bringing a contemporary edge to classic leather clothing.

Double A Official Interview with

Is it possible to say that Ayah and Aliaa don’t easily find the perfect leather jackets in other brands, so they decided to design them?

Yes! Brands that are only limited to leather garments are very limited, that’s why we loves the idea that we are a brand that only designs and manufactures leather garments so that each woman can find what she needs from a simple leather jacket to a statement one.


Double A Official interview with

Did you follow the international trends, or you created your own trends?

Since the beginning of our journey, we have always focused on creating our own trend, since we believe in uniqueness. Although introducing leather clothing in summer was risky, all our summer collections were successful as they were seen by many as statement leather pieces that are elegant and at the same time appropriate for summer.

Double A Official - Nuances of Nature Collection featured by ELLE Arabia

The Nuances of Nature are translated through Double A Official SS’21 editorial shoot, surrounded by trees, water, and other aspects of nature, this shoot embodies the inspiration behind the SS’21 Double A leather collection, while complementing the bold and daring colors and patterns evident throughout. Double A Official uses innovative techniques to ensure their leather garments are both edgy and elegant, while still remaining practical and comfortable, this SS’21 collection is designed with no inner lining, making the leather pieces more lightweight & summer appropriate.

Double A Official - Nuances of Nature Collection featured by Flair Magazine

SS’21 Nuances of Nature by Double A Official is inspired by the uneven motions of nature, palm tree leaflets, waves, and elements that create twisted yet sophisticated curves and patterns, it is a testament to Double A’s innovativity and aptitude. Resembling a gladiator’s armour, the Ayla leather vest is strikingly unique and empowering, where the Chrome studded leather vest fuses between edgy punk and feminine grace, each Double A Official leather design is made to be a statement piece

Double A Official - SS’21 Nuances of Nature Collection featured by Egypt Today

With the pandemic bringing forward a global lock down, the environment set out on a journey of self healing. As humanity confined, nature began to flourish and thrive, subsequently, people experienced a newfound appreciation for the beauty and peace it brought about, this was the precise inspiration for SS’21 Nuances of Nature Collection by Double A Official. An amalgam between bold, vibrant colors and playful geometric cutouts, Double A Leather designs are both youthful and fearless.

Double A Official - FW 20 Collection featured by Elle Arabia

Believing that leather is the embodiment of a powerful and independent woman, Double A Official designs leather garments that exude effortless femininity and confidence. Double A’s masterful pieces highlight the use of leather as both a winter and summer fabric.